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Our Latest Work

Teeth Straightening Advert for Staplehurst Dental Practice

Staplehurst Dental Practice wanted us to design a new advert highlighting their offer and easy payment options on teeth straightening.

Staplehurst Dental Practice Easter Promotion

The brief was for a fun advert to promote SDP's special offer of a free fluoride treatment with their hygiene treatment around  the Easter holiday period.

Raw Food Guide for Dog World

One of Dog World newspaper's biggest clients were sponsoring their 24 page supplement about a new type of dog food. The magazine was given a 'healthy, wholesome' look to...

Reeves Building Services Business Card

Reeves Building Services came to us for a new business card. We generated the new logo and advised the inclusion of testimonials as part of the design.


CS Creative StudioTestimonial

Many thanks Colin for the enormous care and effort you have put into the creation of our beautiful brochure, you have really offered a great service.

Dr Deepak Bhinda Owner of Hamstreet Dental Clinic
CS Creative StudioTestimonial

I can highly recommend Colin for his design work. He has worked with me for many years and I base my recommendation on the large variety of design projects we have worked on, from packaging and stationery, newsletters and large scale banners, posters and Power Point slides. His attention to detail, project management from start to finish, fresh ideas and working to tight deadlines are rounded off by saving us a large percentage on our printing costs whilst also improving quality. That is why I can give Colin my highest recommendation.

Jan Einfeldt Owner at Staplehurst Dental Practice
CS Creative StudioTestimonial

I have worked with Colin on a daily basis for many years. Colin's attention to detail and man management skills meant he was involved in all areas of the business. He was easy to work with and passionate about the products the company produced. Colin’s ability to listen to the views of everyone in the working environment while also being excellent at working under pressure made him one of the company's top performers.

Thomas Burrington Marketing at Zaman International School
CS Creative StudioTestimonial

I worked with Colin for 10 years. He is highly skilled and a great source of knowledge on all aspects of design and print. He also proved very adept at keeping the costs of production low, saving the company thousands of pounds during the time we worked together.

Damian Durio Editor
CS Creative StudioTestimonial

Colin is well known for his intelligence, work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, leadership and diligence. He is well respected for being the "go-to" person for getting things done, for meeting short deadlines, for accomplishing difficult tasks. Throughout the time I've known him he has shown me time and again that he is a positive, motivated leader with amazing potential to increase revenue streams and commercially support business plans.

Sallie Payne Advertising Professional